Why It’s Good To Play An Instrument

We are all born with some talent, it could be singing, dancing, debating, problem solving, skating or anything that you will be able to do better than someone else. We all may not be musically talented and this read doesn’t say that anything is possible and everyone can be a Beethoven. I don’t intend to say everyone cant but I’m trying to set realistic targets in the minds of the readers to believe that if not singing, then may be dancing could be your thing or it could be swimming. Either way there is no one that is born without any skill in hand. This is mainly to everyone who is interested in the art of music and is coming out of a musical background.

Maybe singing is your thing and there is high chance that if you are good in music performance, there is high chance that you will find it a bit easier to pick up on an instrument. There are so many good things about learning one. It’s not only about being able perform somewhere and entertain a crowd but it’s also a way of expressing yourself, letting yourself feel the emotions, making yourself run through that beauty of beats and rhythms. This is something like a meditation which makes you keep focusing on a single task for a long period of time and it helps improve your concentration as well.

I’m not trying to say that enrolling in a guitar course is same as registering at some meditation centre but results as a beginner during the first phase will be similar as both will try to first train your mind to hold on to one thought. If you are a beginner in this instrument thing, you will often get confused thinking whether you can actually do it but the first thing to remember is to be patient. Don’t rush into anything; it’s almost like looking at the top at the start of a hike. You can aim at the top and get moving for you need to first focus on the tiny steps and climb up to the peak.

This patience and self-control can help you a lot to sharpen your mind. When you cannot stay focused, that’s when you won’t pay attention to what a person is telling you. When you lose focus, you miss out on information to act upon and this is why students have good concentration to be more outstanding and smarter than regular students. If you think it’s hard to learn an instrument, it is not as long as you put in your commitment and passion into it.