How To Help Your Kids Learn More About Protecting Themselves?

Are you afraid for your kids’ safety in this increasingly dangerous world? If so, here are a few tips to help them protect themselves…

Give them the age appropriate “talk”

Each age group requires a special kind of “talk”; which needs to be done in a clear and serious way. It is obvious that these talks can only happen with children who are at least old enough to be kindergarteners; as this is the age group they actually understand your feelings. From not going with strangers, to not eating/accepting things from strangers, to the dangers of the outside world, you need to choose what is appropriate for your child’s age group. As your child moves into teenage years, it is also important that you give them the safe sex talk; whether or not you approve of them having relationships that you. Remember that teen pregnancies and STDs are very common now; so it is always better safe than sorry.

Teach them what to do in case of an accident or emergency

What should your child do in case of an emergency? What if you are not around; who should they trust to reach out to? What should they in case of an earthquake or other natural disaster? What should they do in case of a fire or a break-in while they are home alone? It is important that you teach them the answers to all these questions. You don’t need fire extinguisher training Adelaide to know what to do in case of a firebut talking beforehand about what to do may even save their lives.

Give them the skills to protect themselves

You cannot expect your children to simply know how to protect themselves; you need to provide them with the tools, or in this case, the training. Consider sending your kids for self defense classes, and enroll them into a basic first aid course. Teach them how to swim, and how to drive a vehicle. Make sure they are fit and capable. The world is fast becoming the kind of place where it is not safe for anyone; don’t let your children have to face their battles unarmed.

Keep your communication lines wide open with them

More often that not, we forget that it is also out duty to help our children learn to protect their mental health. Teen suicides are not at all unusual now-a-days; their reasons varying from pregnancies to bullying. Make sure your child knows you are ready to listen to them (judgment free) if they ever happen to need you. Trust us, keeping the communication lines open and allowing them to come to you alone can protect your kids far more than you think…