Power Of Books Over Tech

It might not be an easy task to guide a child with dyslexia. But it will sure be a wonderful journey. Always show the child a lot of love and affection. Teach him with patience. With the rapid development of technology the demand for old fashion reading materials is declining. Sadly, the books are being thrown away, newspapers are found unsold on stands and magazines no longer entertain people. But there are few who are still charmed by the smell of a new book. The influence a book has on a person is immense. So here are some ways that books tend to help people in ways the technology cannot.

Develops reading
If you are to give child an iPad with a story to read, he/she will somehow close switch it to a game but if you replace the iPad with a good book, there won’t be any sort of distraction and the child will read it in turn improving his/her language skills. Even as we grow, we tend to be distracted y many things. That is the perk of reading a book over an iPad. If a certain child need more support in developing his/her reading skills he can always go for decodable books for guided reading. These books are specially made to help them develop their reading skills. So make sure you introduce the book to your child before the tech.

Reduces stress
Remember when we used to enjoy a good cup of coffee with a good book on gloomy and rainy days? Well, in todays society, most of the youth and the adult tends to curse such days. The one


reason is the inability to use Wifi or any electrical appliance. But, honestly, these are the times you can spend leisurely to detox your mind from all the stress that is going on. Start reading books and enjoying the warmth of a blanket. Studies have proved that reading is one of the best ways to reduce stress as the heart and the muscles will ease when you read silently.

Enhances creativity and imagination
One of the biggest issues in todays youth and children is that their brains are wired to technology. They are sucked up by games and social media that they forget to enjoy what is out there. The nature, the adventure and the animals. They are losing many things. So get your kids involved in reading. Bring them good books. Books that they will like and enjoy. There are so many genres that suits the different youth. You can get decodable books for kids. This will develop their creativity and imagination. They will start to picture the story in their mind. The power a book has on a human being is massive. Even though many of us fail to realize this, it is true. Therefore, the best way to save your child from the corrupted internet is to get them into reading. Make it a habit. You can enjoy some quiet time with them as well. For more information, please click here.